In 1994, I became a Family and Consumer Science Teacher (FACS) at a high school located in a suburb of Chicago.  I enjoyed using supplemental material to help my students engage more in the classroom.  Finding additional material to help present a lesson was key.  During class time, I loved sharing stories, doing hands-on projects, and engaging with media to help them relate to the learning objective.  As a teacher who taught Food and Nutrition, Culinary I and II, Restaurant Management and Advanced Level Foods, I knew how hard it can be at times to keep the students engaged and learning without being distracted by out-dated images and tools on the instructional DVDs.  QuannaGourmet was developed to help keep teachers and culinary professionals who want students to know the basics at before going into the kitchen. 


Teacher Workshop/ Staff Development 

  • Classroom Management Techniques
  • Building Critical Thinking Skills, Emotional Intelligence & Problem Solving Skills in Today's Youth
  • ​Planning Your Time and Reducing Stress in the Classroom

Other Professional Services 

Past Professional Seminars and Workshops

  • Time Management Workshop, Prairie View A&M 
    Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program Cooperative Extension Program Prairie View A&M University​
  • How to Keep Our Students Engaged and Returning Our FCS Classrooms, 2013 Family and Consumer Science Texas Teachers Association (FCSTAT)  
  • Classroom Management Techniques, 2012 (FCSTAT) 
  • Getting the Administration to Fall in Love with FCS Programs, 2012 (FCSTAT)


My Story

LaQuanna S. Sparkman, M.Ed.

Featured Spotlight on AAFCS 2013 

QuannaGourmet, LLC.- Educational Cooking Media

"Helping students and adult learners understand basic cooking skills."

***AAFCS - Keeping it Current - Member Spotlight 2013...Meet LaQuanna Sparkman of Texas!  LaQuanna Sparkman is the owner of QuannaGourmet, LLC, which she founded after returning to the FCS classroom from a seven-year maternity leave.  QuannaGourmet was developed to counter the lack of new, engaging, and current media to show to in her classrooms.  Her desire to keep FCS profession current and relevant to today’s youth was reflected in this desire to not show another video in her classroom and have to explain, “please pay attention to the content, not the clothes, shoes or hairstyles,” knowing that the students were constantly distracted by the outdated images and content.  Why did you join AAFCS?  I wanted the professionalism that many other non- FCS teachers and careers receive and the ability to network with the professionals who encourage and think progressively about FCS.How has membership in AAFCS been of value to you and your profession? I have been able to meet so many FCS professionals who value the same things I value …   and that’s refreshing!Please complete the following sentence:  AAFCS is  . . . Creating waves in our society and helps contribute to the lasting impressions that people never forget for a  lifetime!Please explain your answer.  When I ask the average person (male or female/young or old) if they remember their math teacher, science teacher, or English teacher, they most often do not, but if I ask them if they remember their “Home Ec" teacher or their “foods teacher” they give the best smile and fondly recall the lessons, their teacher's name (even from 30+ years ago) and the FUN they had while in their classroom!  Only FCS professionals are able to do this for a lifetime!
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Mentor for Future Teachers and College Students

  • Creating Success, Guiding Change , and Setting Goals
  • Motivation: Personal and Academic
  • Discovering Your Learning Style, Personality Type and Dominant Intelligence
  • Planning for Your Future and Professional Career