In video, you will learn the most common tools used in the kitchen.  I will show the tool, the name and describe the use of each tool.  This video includes 20-25 minutes of common kitchen tools.

  • 1. Baking and Cooking Tools
  • 2. Cutting and Spreading Tools
  • 3. Measuring Tools
  • 4. Mixing Tools 
  • 5. Lifting, Turning, and Straining Tools
  • 6. Special Tools 

In this video, you will learn the basic cooking terms used in most recipes.  There are  many terms used globally to describe how to process and cook food.  Your vocabulary will increase over time as you learn and experience food preparation. However, you can learn the most commonly used terms and how to understand the basic terms used in this video.  Over 40 terms are demonstrated and displayed on the screen in this 20-25 minute video.

In this video, you will learn how to avoid and prevent the most common kitchen hazards.  My goal is to show you how to prevent and plan ahead to minimize the possibilities of mistakes while cooking.  This video includes 20-25 minutes of information relating to kitchen safety and sanitation.

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  • 1. Avoiding and Preventing Cutting Hazards 
  • 2. Avoiding and Preventing Falling Hazards 
  • 3. Avoiding Poisoning Hazards 
  • 4. Avoiding Burn and Fire Hazards 
  • 5. Avoiding Electrical Hazards
  • 6. Avoiding and Preventing Food-borne Illnesses 
  • 7. Avoiding the Food Temperature Danger Zone

In this video, you will learn the basic habits to develop and practice while dining at the table.  Good table manners and habits are important because perception of your character and ability to adapt in a global society will help develop positive relationships with family, friends, business associates and employers. This video will discuss 20-25 minutes of the basic manners you should practice when in the company of others.  

  • 1. Guidelines for Setting the Table 
  • 2. Guidelines for Dining Etiquette 
  • 3. Guidelines for Eating at a Restaurant 
  • 4. Guidelines and Etiquette for Eating Certain Foods

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Basic Cooking Skills Review w/ Answer Keys

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In this video, you will learn the basic math skill used while cooking in the kitchen.  Your math skills will be improved as you understand the following concepts presented the this 20-25 minute video about everyday math application while cooking.

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  • 1. Cutting Terms
  • 2. Blending Terms
  • 3. Cooking Terms
  • 4. Special Preparation Terms​

  • 1. Tools Used for Measuring in the Kitchen 
  • 2. The Two Basic Systems of Measurements
  • 3. Units of Measurements for Volume and the Equivalents 
  • 4. Units of Measurements for Weight and the Equivalents 
  • 5. Time and Temperature in the Kitchen 
  • 6. Increasing and Decreasing Recipes in the Kitchen 
  • 7. Special Measuring Techniques