"What are teachers saying...?"

QuannaGourmet, LLC.- Educational Cooking Media

"Helping students and adult learners understand basic cooking skills."

​A recent survey was taken from teachers who recently purchased The Amazing World of Foods DVD series. Here are some of the results.

  • 100% said they were satisfied with the product!

  • 100% said the series was fairly priced for the value!

  • 100% said they would recommend this series to a colleague or other culinary professional!

All of the participants surveyed said they used the DVD for classroom instruction, review, the substitute while absent, or placed in the library as a resource within the school or college.

Most of the teachers choose "content" as their number one reason for purchasing this product!  

"I have been looking for something that covered  all the terms quickly and effectively. Worksheets helpful!  

High School FCS Teacher

Midland, Texas

"I was looking for something current that was appropriate to use with middle and high school students and this certainly fits the bill...the other videos that were here were geared to professional or vocational use. This is perfect for use in my high school cooking classes."

 High School FCS Teacher

Harrisburg, PA

"I have the set and they are great. They fit so well with the first three objectives in FOODS1. Thank you for the insight to do them. My students enjoy them, they ask do we have a Quanna movie today...I was surprised when they asked for the DVD, and enjoyed the table manners with your daughters."

High School FCS Teacher

Chatham, North Carolina

"After watching the videos, the Units of Measurement for Volume and the Equivalents was my favorite video. Often students have a difficult time with converting standard-form to metric-form. You reach a range of learners with visualization (chalkboard), music and clarity that helps cement learning. Well done!"

Middle School Math Teacher

Cypress, Texas


"What a great tool to have in the resource room for students with special needs! I currently teach high school students with various learning styles and ability levels.  This product will assist teachers with teaching students life skills and preparing them with transitioning to adulthood.  Looking forward to getting started!"

High School Special Needs Teacher

Shaker Heights, Ohio

"Daniel and I just watched the video. Very Nice! We wish you all the best in this endeavor. You were the best teacher."  

Former Advanced Foods II Student and Parent

Central High School 

Champaign, IL

"I enjoyed the DVD segment on common kitchen tools. It held my attention while providing useful information."

 Public School Teacher

Chicago, Illinois

"QuannaGourmet is an excellent Home Economic Resource for for ALL home educators! As a mother of three daughters, I wanted to make sure my daughters knew there way around the kitchen.  This video not only is an excellent tool for students but adults to brush up on their skills too!"

Home-School Parent of Three

Chicago, Illinois

"My school is 99% African American, so it is great to have  a positive, enthusiastic role model!"

High School Culinary Teacher

Dayton, Ohio